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Experience comprehensive conditioning and optimized health.

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Develop the most comprehensive self-defense skills available!

Youth Programs

Learn how your children will develop strong mental focus and confidence that lasts a lifetime.

Mind & Body Balance

Experience how proper training harmonizes body, mind, and spirit.


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To truly understand the power of the "8 Taught As 1" program, you need to personally experience the training. We understand that the first visit to a martial arts school can be intimidating and we want to change that for you.

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See & Feel the Difference

  • The only martial art school to feature the
    "8 Taught As 1" program
  • Serving the Seattle area for over 30 years
  • People achieving their goals regardless of age or physical condition
  • Limited class sizes with personalized instruction
  • Comprehensive fitness and powerful self-defense training

Martial Arts for All Ages and Abilities


The Power of 8 Taught As 1


Grandmaster Iron KimOom Yung Doe is the only school to feature the "8 Taught As 1" program for people of all ages who want the most comprehensive self-defense and conditioning training available. By integrating eight martial arts into a single, superior curriculum, our students experience powerful and unique health and conditioning benefits. They feel better, stronger, energized, and more relaxed. The experience healing and sharper minds. They are more confident and possess effective and practical self defense skills.


Train with the Best Martial Artists in the World


Oom Yung Doe has been providing the finest level of martial arts instruction for more than 30 years. We are the only martial arts school to offer eight martial arts as an integrated curriculum for all ages. Our training originates from a true master, Grandmaster "Iron" Kim. Having studied under the 7th Grandmaster of Yin Yang Doe and enjoyed great success in his career, Grandmaster "Iron" Kim decided to bring his extensive martial arts knowledge to the Pacific Northwest. As the 8th generation Master of the Oom Yung line, his instruction brings an unmatched level of discipline and precision to our Master Level instructors. They are then able to impart this knowledge to local students, seeking the benefits of healing martial arts.


Our lessons and instruction are all based strictly in the teachings of Grandmaster "Iron" Kim. His remarkable training and martial arts knowledge has benefited countless numbers of students over the years. In some cases, trainees have the opportunity to learn from his teachings directly. We offer a wide range of classes to our youth age group every week, and around four to five classes for adult students. Every student will have a chance to train under the best martial artists in the world five or more times a year.

Martial Arts Training Programs We Offer


At Oom Yung Doe, our instructors teach several different types of classes. We offer adult programs several times a week, including comprehensive fitness courses. Our instructors are constantly going through further training and teaching in order to bring the highest level of skill to youth programs and self-defense training. Our goal is to help you learn the harmony of mind and body through the healing aspects of traditional martial arts.


When you come to our school, we will assess where you currently are in your training, allowing us to customize our lessons to your specific condition and goals. Our school aims to help your body recover to optimal health and boast an extremely low injury rate, lower than other martial art schools. We teach all eight styles of East Asian martial arts incorporated into a single style, offering students optimal instruction. If you are interested in learning the healing and empowering art of Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do or Tai Chi Chung, sign up for your free week of private lessons!


Contact us at (425) 698-2700 for our Eastside locations.